Energy, Industrials & Resources

As the climate crisis grows, digitalisation takes hold, new regulations are introduced and consumer expectations change, the energy, industrial and resources sectors are being transformed. While cleantech companies are – quite rightly – lauded for contributing to a net zero world, the uncomfortable reality is that we will all rely on energy and metals from traditional sources for many years to come.

The speed at which international oil, gas, chemicals, mining and cement companies are seen to transition to lower carbon operations will influence their future success. Equally, new disruptive energy companies are increasingly trying to establish their own credibility.

Admiral is adept at working with leaders from both new energy businesses – be it renewable energy, electrification, EVs or others – and 100-year-old multinational conglomerates. We help them win share-of-voice, profile their senior leadership offline and digitally, position their sustainability credentials and protect their license to operate.

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