At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom chose Dame Kate Bingham to lead the UK Vaccines Taskforce.

Drawing on Admiral’s clinical research and healthcare expertise, our firm provided strategic counsel to Dame Bingham and the Vaccine Taskforce and delivered proactive communications across broadcast, print and digital channels. A clear approach to messaging was created, based on the government’s vaccine strategy, with twin goals of encouraging thousands of people to volunteer for vaccine trials while countering potential vaccine hesitancy.

During a period of unprecedented crisis, Admiral also built and managed a 24/7 monitoring and rapid-response programme to thwart misinformation.

The impact was clear: the UK Vaccines Taskforce exceeded expectations by attracting more than 500,000 volunteers for vaccine trials, and played a central role in the country being one of the first in the world to roll out effective and trusted vaccines for COVID-19. By robustly communicating the vaccine strategy to the public, the UK maintains one of the highest vaccination rates of any country in the world.

Dame Kate Bingham

Former Chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce Managing Partner, SV Health Managers LLP

“I am hugely grateful to Admiral for their unwavering support, 24/7 work and expert advice on the UK Vaccine Taskforce. The Admiral team have been available 24/7 and have been nimble, professional and wise...we certainly could not have been as successful without Admiral.”

ABB is a global technology company that provides electrification, motion, robotics and automation solutions for 35 industry sectors in more than 100 countries.

Admiral has supported ABB for several years across various geographies – including in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa – with strategic positioning and narrative advisory, integrated campaigning, thought leadership and media relations. Increasingly, we are assisting ABB to position and communicate its sustainability credentials.

During this time, ABB has earned a reputation as a global technology leader, driving positive change and innovation to help the world realise a more sustainable future.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s oldest tertiary institutions and among the largest – by enrolments, applications and endowments – in the United Kingdom. The University’s Business School has a rich, 100- year history of teaching and research.

Admiral provided strategic counsel to the Dean of the Business School and a delivery plan to ensure it
fully captured opportunities during a period of rapid growth. This included a detailed review of the school’s communications strategy and its structure, roles and activities. A recommended restructure was implemented by the school, and Admiral led a process whereby the department’s structure, purpose, approach and performance management framework were aligned with the school’s mission and centred on future growth.

The impact of Admiral’s strategic counsel and implementation plans led to greater clarity about individual roles and responsibilities within the school, which boosted employee engagement. In addition, the school developed a closer relationship with senior business figures – a key development for the school’s continued success.

Ian Clarke

Professor of Strategy and former Dean of the University of Edinburgh Business School

“Admiral is a highly professional organisation, holding your hand from the development of the brief, through to research inside the organisation, keeping colleagues on board through the process and actively leading the change management process. I would highly recommend the company.”