Net Zero Professional: the dangers of greenwashing 

The environmental landscape is mired in misinformation, misconceptions, and downright mistruths. So how does the business world break through the hype to unearth what is required to be successful in the fight against climate change, and the quest to deliver a low carbon future? 

In his weekly podcast series, Mark Venables, editor of Net Zero Professional, talks to the individuals who are shaping our net zero future to enlighten and empower listeners with the knowledge to start or continue their net zero journey. 

 In this episode, he is joined by Georgie Cameron, Founder and MD of Admiral Consultancy, Helene Melby Brodersen, Head of ESG Strategy at EcoOnline, Nicky Hodgkiss-Cook, Marketing Manager at Modern Milkman, and Rachel Watkyn, Founder of Tiny Box.  

The corporate landscape is littered with examples of companies who have fallen foul of making false claims about their products and services. Probably most famous was Volkswagen with its emissions claims. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Recently companies such as Innocent Drinks, IKEA, Quorn Foods, Starbucks, and McDonalds have fallen into the greenwashing trap. It can be painful for the companies where claims are upheld, with all suffering damage to their brand reputations and some experiencing direct financial loss, such in the case of VW.  

Listen here to learn more about greenwashing and how to avoid making false or unsubstantiated claims  

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