Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability

Global PR and public affairs campaign

Enough, for all, forever

We’re always up for a challenge at Admiral. Hence we jumped at the chance to take on one of the greatest societal challenges of our age; sustainability.

Newcastle University is a world leading authority on the issue and sought to play a bigger role in tackling it globally.

Admiral developed ‘Enough, for all, forever’, a campaign comprising PR, digital media and public affairs.

Its aim was to position the university and the wider Newcastle area as a best practice ‘living lab’ example of how cities should approach sustainability.

It saw the university joining forces with fellow sustainability champions around the world, representing business and academia, for the greater good.

The campaign engaged a network of global stakeholders, including politicians, journalists and citizens.

Our mission

It ultimately delivered on all the key objectives we set, which included to:

  • Promote Newcastle as a university committed to addressing one of society’s greatest challenges
  • Position it as a leading centre for expertise in sustainability
  • Ensure internal audiences understood and were committed to delivering the campaign
  • Engage stakeholders and wider society in considering the issues surrounding sustainability
  • Raise the profile of the University’s solution-focused research in key sectors
  • Connect the University with influencers in Westminster and within the civil service 


  • A campaign summary was prepared to explain the details of the campaign to stakeholders and internal audiences
  • Internal engagement included workshops and one-to-one meetings with staff and an article about the campaign in the alumni magazine Arches
  • The NIReS website was restructured with specific campaign pages
  • A map was prepared to visually represent sustainability research, assets and commerce in Newcastle and the wider region, for the media and online
  • Striking campaign imagery was prepared for use on campus, at events, in university publications and at external advertising sites
  • Over 35 core partners were engaged to participate in the campaign including Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Council, Northumbria Water and the Port of Tyne
  • Public affairs: A launch event at the House of Lords where all relevant political influencers were invited and briefed
  • Media relations: Attracting trade and national journalists to the region to see for themselves the research, assets and commercial activity taking place around sustainability
  • A ‘Sustainability Index’ was distributed to key media to promote regional research and commercially-led sustainability initiatives
  • Advertising campaign images were placed at prominent sites across the city including the airport, Central Station and also projected onto the University building to be viewed by thousands


The campaign achieved national and international attention well beyond targets set at the outset.

“Admiral undertook an extensive piece of work…it was innovative, enlightening and very worthwhile.  We came away with a far clearer idea of what we want to say, to whom, and how to best articulate it.  The excellent results speak for themselves.”

Director – Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability