King’s College London

Communications strategy, UK media relations & new website

Supporting a crucial funding bid to sustain its future

Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs) aim to drive life-saving treatments from labs to hospital wards.

They are formed through partnerships between leading NHS organisations and universities.

Their remit is turning scientific breakthrough into new patient treatments.

The BRC at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) and King’s College London, is one of eleven overseen by the National Institute for Healthcare Research across the UK.

It appointed Admiral at a pivotal time in its development.

With its first five years in operation used to focus on creating the infrastructure and research pipeline and programmes, little time had been invested in coherently ‘selling’ itself to internal and external stakeholders ahead of it next funding bid.

Our mission

  • To create and deliver a communications and marketing strategy to inform and support a crucial funding competition to sustain the BRC for the next five years; and
  • To support the activity of the BRC and its efforts to recruit patients to clinical trials


  • Evidence over assumption – Firstly we needed to create a robust communications strategy informed by the views of stakeholders;
  • Collateral – Then we need needed to create a new website which was more reflective of the integrity and achievements of the BRC; and
  • Promotion – Then we needed to secure high-profile media opportunities that promoted it achievements in a timely manner


  • ‘Opportunities to see’ the organisation increased from zero to an average of 20-40 million per month
  • For the first time in its history, huge media exposure was achieved for the BRC, alongside incremental coverage for the Trust
  • Our PR story about a diabetes clinical trial at the BRC featured on BBC One’s News at Six and Ten programmes and gained global media coverage. This super-charged patient recruitment to maximum numbers within 24 hours, following months of difficultly recruiting the patient numbers required
  • Over 700 enquiries generated in just one month from patients wishing to be recruited to two clinical trials promoted in the media by Admiral
  • The BRC now has a highly engaging, responsive and optimised website that provides up to date relevant information to its audiences
  • A carefully crafted set of key messages that underpin ongoing and future success at the BRC is now embedded in the organisation

“Admiral are thoroughly professional, have a deep understanding of the clinical, academic and commercial sectors and always go the extra mile to ensure delivery of key messages to the appropriate stakeholder groups.”

Director, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre GSTT/KCL


“We were aiming for rapid completion of the study–so we needed to recruit fast. We got 450 decent enquiries and the coverage has been transformative.”

BRC Principal Investigator, King’s College London, who led the diabetes trial