Apple has done it again

The opening weekend of the new iPhone 6S and 6S plus has  broken company records with sales totalling more than 13 million. The new iPhone, coming in space grey, silver, gold and the new choice of rose gold, has a better camera, faster processor and the highly anticipated 3D touch which allows users to ‘peek’ into their apps before opening them fully. For example, you are able to preview the text in an email before opening it.

Reviews on the new smartphone have on the whole been positive, like Techradar’s verdict: “3D Touch is a genuine innovation, and the phone works fluidly at nearly every task – but it’s very similar to 2014’s model”. As it is only an S model, this shouldn’t come as a huge shock, so we’ll let Apple off this time…

So, with sales at a record high and positive reviews everywhere, can Apple do no wrong?

The simple answer is, probably not. Apple’s brand has always been at the cutting edge of technology with sleek designs and huge anticipation for its new products. The brand has grown throughout the years, becoming instantly recognisable wherever you are in the world. Apple has recently retained its title as the coolest brand in Britain for a fourth year beating Spotify, Netflix and Ray-Ban, amongst others. Apple appears to have seamlessly integrated themselves into our society, covering all bases.

Over the years Apple has expanded its brand from computers and phones to services.  Two of the newest services brought to market are Apple Pay, a digital wallet, and Apple Music, a music streaming service. Apple Pay has achieved scale, with most of the major banks, including RBS and Barclays, signing on to be a part of it. In addition Apple Music, although still in its infancy, can already be seen as a competitor to Spotify, the leading brand in music streaming.

So with all this success and new technology, the question is, what will Apple do next? The speculation going round is that an Apple car is on the horizon but only time will tell whether it will be as big a success as Apple’s other ventures.