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Admiral launches specialist consultancy for Higher Education Institutions

Strategic communications consultancy, Admiral, has launched a new Higher Education (HE) consultancy service for HE institutions and organisations in their supply chain.

Admiral has worked with universities (and their suppliers) across the UK for many years. With a growing requirement in the HE sector for specialist strategic consulting, Admiral has launched a new division focused on helping institutions address the multiple challenges that they face in a rapidly changing environment.

Providing highly specialist consultancy to universities across the UK, the work Admiral undertakes is varied and includes: support with assessing and re-developing university strategies; team, school, faculty and college restructuring; international repositioning; change management; and the creation and implementation of re-positioning campaigns utilising its expertise in PR, public affairs, marketing, stakeholder relations and social media.

Commenting on the launch of the HE consultancy service, Admiral founder and managing director, Georgie Cameron, said: “The goal posts have shifted enormously for the HE sector in recent years.  With the introduction of tuition fees and international institutions upping the quality of their offerings, the power is now in the hands of students who have become high value customers facing increasing choice.  Equally, the UK is attracting more international students than ever before which present compliance and logistical challenges to universities.

“Meanwhile, academics are facing increasing pressure to prove the impact of their research while also having to demonstrate that they are engaging more with both students and the outside world, while still finding time to conduct top-notch research.  All of this has led to a greater focus on structure, people, processes and systems within universities and a move towards stricter performance management of all academics and professional staff.”

HE professionals wishing to talk about the services offered by Admiral HE Consulting should contact [email protected].