Strategic positioning and narrative advisory

Every organisation or individual operates in a competitive environment, whether it’s for share of voice, funding, customers or market position.

Admiral supports organisations and individuals to identify the right positioning – informed by their strategic objectives, competitor narratives, regulatory issues or geopolitics – so they are set up for success.

We help clients to build compelling and robust corporate narratives that reflect broader business objectives and take account of the competitive landscape. We believe the best narratives are those which follow a collaborative process that includes a range of internal stakeholders, including senior leaders.

Integrated campaigning

Successful communication campaigns share an approach that integrates audience insights with content production, media relations and digital activation and advertising. Fully integrated campaigns ensure the right audience is targeted through the right channel while avoiding overlap and unnecessary costs.

At Admiral, we work closely with clients to ensure alignment is created around objectives, so we can plan and deliver integrated campaigns that shift perceptions, build trust and – where appropriate – support lead generation and wider marketing efforts. We instinctively look for opportunities to deliver integrated campaigns that include a mix of written, audio, video and graphical content, delivered across media, digital and social channels.

Digital insight and campaign delivery

By mixing powerful digital tools with our years of experience in reputation management, Admiral builds compelling, evidence-based insights.

Once we’ve established what is important to our client’s audiences, our digital tools can monitor 24/7, providing a real-time system to identify online threats and opportunities.

Compelling content is the backbone of every successful digital campaign and at Admiral we build content programmes which build followers and engagement. We are also adept at using SEO and SEM to extend campaigns, in addition to social advertising that allows audiences to be micro-targetted – in multiple languages – so they receive the right message at the right time.

Issues and crisis management

Every large organisation will face, at some point, a moment of genuine crisis which threatens its very existence. How an organisation manages its communications in times like these is critical and can have a lasting impact on its reputation.

We believe that preparation, training, 24/7 monitoring and senior leadership support are all critical elements
in effective issues and crisis management. Admiral’s team has decades of experience of preparing clients for moments of genuine crisis and providing real-time, 24/7 support so they don’t just survive, but emerge stronger, more resilient and with their reputation enhanced.

Leadership communications coaching

During high-stakes moments, the ability of leaders to effectively communicate often leads to success or failure. Whether it’s a media interview, market announcement, conference speech, internal presentation or social media post, the reputation of organisations is defined by their leaders.

Never before have so many expectations around communication been placed on leaders, yet few feel comfortable in the spotlight and many struggle to strike the right approach and tone.

Admiral supports leaders and – where appropriate – their communication teams, to instil practical skills and confidence within individuals. We provide a safe, confidential environment for executive leaders to learn, rehearse and review progress in preparation for promotions or high-stakes external or internal moments.

Our support is tailored to the individual needs of leaders. However, often, our leadership communications coaching includes a mix of presentation or media training, social media guidance, coaching on one-to-one stakeholder meetings and internal employment engagement.

Executive 360 service

Our Executive 360 service offers senior leaders – be they in the corporate, non-profit or government sphere – the full panoply of Admiral’s services to build their personal brand and ensure their own reputation is protected and enhanced.

Executive 360 engagements begin with an exploration and agreement on objectives. An individual may want to build an international profile to enable future job opportunities, build their reputation ahead of capital raising, position their skills and experience after taking redundancy or de-position negative coverage.

Whatever the objective is, Admiral builds a bespoke programme which quickly delivers real results. This can include – depending on individual needs – a mix of communication coaching; digital content production and social media monitoring and management; production and placement of thought leadership; recruitment communication support and design and publishing services.

Family office support

Admiral offers family offices a range of discrete services that assist them to efficiently manage, position and communicate about their investments, assets and plans for the future.

This can include tactical support to, for example, set-up and manage media or digital insights about investments or more strategic advice and insights about the competitive landscape in a particular market or industry. For offices with a large number of family members, we can also assist with internal communication and reporting.

Thought leadership

Corporate leaders oversee vast enterprises, often across multiple countries and continents, and have unique perspectives on emerging trends, technology, geopolitics and public policy. During a time of social activism by CEOs, employees look to corporate leaders’ opinions as a guide to internal culture. 
Successful thought leadership requires genuine insight, delivered across high-profile speaker, broadcast, print and social media channels, by leaders who have been coached to land messages with impact. 
At Admiral, we have a proven process that elicits interesting and topical viewpoints from leaders which are aligned with their wider business objectives. We craft these into compelling impactful content that we schedule across carefully selected platforms and channels worldwide. 
We have a team of expert content producers who work closely with editors of credible, influential media outlets and high-profile conference organisers to deliver results that get noticed by key audiences. 

Media relations

We know how newsrooms work, what journalists want and – importantly – we have the tier-one and trade media relationships that matter when attempting to land reputation-defining pieces.

We are never afraid to pick up the phone to a journalist to shape content and correct any misconceptions. Our insights, experience and training help clients to skilfully respond to queries, navigate interviews and place opinion editorials.

In addition to our tier-one media relationships, our firm is adept at landing credible, eye-catching trade coverage that can often prove critical for sales and wider marketing efforts.

Employee engagement and change management

At a time of unprecedented technological change and geopolitical volatility, leaders are faced with the task of delivering transformation and new strategies while simultaneously maintaining business continuity. This is impossible without the wholehearted support and engagement of employees.

Employee engagement, which encourages two-way dialogue and action, has overtaken internal communication as a key priority for leaders and their communication teams. Admiral has years of expertise in supporting clients to build and deliver employee engagement programmes that bring real results. We are also adept at supporting communication teams deliver change management plans which ultimately lead to employees accepting and embracing workplace transformation.