Energy, Industrials & Resources

As the climate crisis grows, digitalisation takes hold, new regulations are introduced and consumer expectations change, the energy, industrial and resources sectors are being transformed. While cleantech companies are – quite rightly – lauded for contributing to a net zero world, the uncomfortable reality is that we will all rely on energy and metals from traditional sources for many years to come.

The speed at which international oil, gas, chemicals, mining and cement companies are seen to transition to lower carbon operations will influence their future success. Equally, new disruptive energy companies are increasingly trying to establish their own credibility.

Admiral is adept at working with leaders from both new energy businesses – be it renewable energy, electrification, EVs or others – and 100-year-old multinational conglomerates. We help them win share-of-voice, profile their senior leadership offline and digitally, position their sustainability credentials and protect their license to operate.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Admiral supports clients in the healthcare and life sciences sector to communicate effectively against the backdrop of a complex scientific, government, regulatory and patient landscape.

Our firm brings deep-domain expertise in healthcare and life sciences, helping clients to develop and deliver clear and impactful narratives which articulate their role in addressing major health issues facing the world today and in the future.

Admiral’s team has supported a range of organisations in this sector, including the UK government’s Vaccines Taskforce, the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research and various pharmaceutical and private healthcare providers.

Higher Education and Research

As countries compete to discover and harness new technology and encourage a new generation of innovators, the higher education and research sector has never been more important. However, the decades-long debate about equitable access and funding – be it from government, individuals or endowments – remains unresolved.

Against this backdrop, Admiral supports higher education and research clients to position and communicate with prospective students, governments, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure continued success. We are also adept at navigating the tension between teaching and research amid greater expectations from students, who increasingly see themselves as powerful consumers.

Our firm has supported several world-class institutions over many years and has earned a reputation for delivering real impact worldwide, whether it’s in the United Kingdom, Europe or further afield.

Transport & Infrastructure

Admiral assists transport and infrastructure clients to enhance their reputation while they navigate several challenges and opportunities, from the impact of emerging technologies to climate change.

We work closely with clients involved in large industrial and infrastructure projects – from railways and roads to utilities, airports and hospitals – to effectively manage planning and ESG issues while relentlessly communicating the benefits of new projects.

We help clients at every stage of their projects – from influencing decision-makers at planning stage to supporting projects in the community as they are approved and delivered.

Technology, Media and Telecoms

Technology is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds and impacting every discipline, economy and industry. This, in turn, has created debates about competition, regulation and the social impact of new technology.

Admiral helps technology, media and telecommunications companies shape debates in their industries while maintaining a strong reputation, which aids strategic and operational decision-making.

From founders, start-ups and scale-ups to multinational corporations, we help clients navigate disruption and communicate their role in a changing technology, media and telecoms landscape.

Professional Services

New technology, climate change, geopolitical shifts and nascent social movements are transforming companies, industries and countries at a dizzying pace, leaving many leaders searching for guidance and services to make sense of the rapid change. This, along with increased competition, has led to professional services firms growing, evolving and moving into new geographies.

Admiral’s expertise provides professional services firms with a partner who understands their challenges and opportunities and is willing to support them in a flexible way.

Whether it’s law firms, accounting groups, financial advisers, management consultants, business services or recruitment firms, Admiral is open to working in a variety of guises. For example, some professional services firms hire us to manage their corporate reputation with multi-market digital and media campaigns. Others approach us to coach their leaders to communicate more effectively, while Admiral can also contribute to wider pitch processes, providing our services under a ‘white label’ arrangement.

Foundations & Non-Profits

Foundations and non-profits tackle some of the most acute challenges of our time, from poverty and inequality to education and health disparities.

Admiral can help clients in this sector to run advocacy and communications campaigns to create impactful change and support fundraising, whether on a global scale or in local communities. Individual philanthropists and philanthropic organisations benefit from our expertise to address some of the most acute challenges facing foundations and the non-profit sector.