Company rebrand and relaunch PR campaign

Forward thinking strategy helps celebrate 35 years in buisness

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy, providing solutions to enhance the environment and secure the food supply.

It is a well-recognised company thanks to its former incarnation as a government agency. As ADAS entered its 35th year, however, it identified the need to reposition itself centrally within the wider environmental sector as a national consultancy providing independent and robust science-based solutions that protect our food and enhance the environment.

It became clear that ADAS needed to draw a line under it previous public sector image to emerge as a dynamic, forward-thinking privately funded company.

Admiral was already retained by ADAS to deliver its full press office function so we were delighted to be commissioned to lead a high profile re-positioning campaign for the brand.

Our mission was:

  • To develop and commission in-depth research to understand where the brand’s reputation was currently and where it needed to go;
  • To create a communications strategy, engaging both internal stakeholders and staff as well as the wider media; and
  • Create a newsworthy angle in which to communicate the company’s new direction which would ensure high-profile media coverage.

Our results

  • Using the research findings and the brand’s 35th anniversary, Admiral guided ADAS staff to look ahead and consider the question – what will the world look like in 35 years’ time?
  • An internal staff competition was launched to encourage employees to do some ‘blue sky’ thinking to come up with predictions that could be used as media angles in the campaign;
  • We came up with the campaign name and logo – Blue Sky 35 – which would act as the emblem the campaign;
  • A new corporate identity, brand guidelines and internal brand champions campaign were launched via a CEO roadshow.
  • We devised a Brand Champions programme, created a Brand Pocket Guide and issued a new external newsletter;
  • We achieved over 23 pieces of national broadcast and print coverage including Sky News, Countryfile, BBC Radio 4 Farming Today, The Observer, The Times and The Daily Telegraph;
  • 75% share of voice on key environmental topics;
  • Extensive trade media coverage in all key environment and farming press including over 20 in-depth features on the back of the predictions;
  • 84 pieces of regional press across print and online platforms (an important target for ADAS);
  • Key messages picked up throughout the coverage, highlighting ADAS as a forward-thinking, innovative expert within its field; and
  • The campaign was multi award-winning;