ABB Power Grids

Press trip to ABB semiconductor factor in Lenzburg, Switzerland

Stronger, Smarter, Greener


ABB partnered with Admiral to host an exclusive press tour to ABB’s award-winning semiconductor factory in Lenzburg, Switzerland, to showcase the state-of-the-art High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology, which ABB pioneered over six decades ago.

Groundbreaking advances in high-power semiconductors produced in Lenzburg have led to tremendous improvements in HVDC transmission, most notably the recent contract to connect the world’s largest offshore wind farm to the UK grid.

The trip was timed to mark the 65th anniversary year of ABB’s HVDC technology, celebrate the factory winning the ‘digitalization’ category in the Factory of the Year Awards and offer editors the opportunity to personally meet, and interview, the new Managing Director of ABB’s Grid Integrations business (PGGI).

Our mission

The press tour served two key purposes:

  1. Position ABB as leading the way in providing cutting-edge technology that is contributing to a stronger, smarter and greener grid.
  2. Introduce up to six quality media targets to Niklas Persson, ABB PGGI’s new MD, and provide exclusive content via 1-2-1 interviews with both Niklas and Dr. Rainer Käsmaier, MD of the Factory and semiconductor industry veteran.


  • The press tour took place a few weeks before Christmas, a notoriously busy time for media, and clashed with several industry events which meant heavy competition for journalist’s time. However, it was important to capitalise on the recent factory award and the appointment of the new MD, so the tour went ahead.
  • The turnaround was extremely tight, with only three weeks from approval to secure quality media attendees from various countries.


Despite these challenges, Admiral secured six journalists from the UK, Switzerland and Germany, representing top publications such as, Modern Power Systems, New Power & Power Engineering International.

To inspire feature ideas, Admiral sifted through substantial research to create feature synopses documents, which included various angles, technical information and messaging for the media to take away with them. This also helped to secure coverage from media who were invited but couldn’t actually make the trip.

Itinerary highlights included:

  • Going inside an HVDC station (typically too dangerous for humans!) via an augmented virtual reality experience to see the huge scale and impact of the HVDC technology and equipment;
  • Previewing ABB’s Grid Stability App and experiencing a demonstration showing how HVDC interconnections can improve grid stability; and
  • Viewing ABB’s famous StakPak semiconductor – the most powerful semiconductor in the world for HVDC applications that cannot be bought anywhere else in the world – which is at the heart of the power electronics revolution.


  • Nine in-depth features in top global trade titles following the trip;
  • Ongoing pitching generated four additional feature articles placements;
  • Nine face to face interviews with Niklas Persson and Dr. Rainer Käsmaier took place during the factory tour.
  • The feedback following the event was overwhelmingly positive from all media;




“Admiral did really well to attract top tier trade media to attend this press trip just before Christmas and at relatively short notice. It proved a great introduction for our new MD to some of our most influential editors. As always, the team provided a highly professional and proactive service, listening to us but also guiding us when we needed it. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Global Marketing Communications Manager – ABB Grid Integration